Premier Cup – Bethesda Soccer Tournaments


Playing in the Bethesda Premier Cup allows our older players to show their talent in front of the top college coaches around the country. The Premier Cup is a major showcase for players interested in playing at the college level.


College Coaches

Women's Coaches

Men's Coaches

Women's Coaches

Men's Coaches


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College Seminar


Want to know what it takes to play at the next level? Interested in playing college soccer but not quite sure what it takes? Come join us for our free college seminar aimed at giving players and parents all of the information that they need to make the right decision, both on and off of the pitch. 


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Girls College Coaches
Girls seminar will be moderated by ECNL Director Kevin Layton.

  • Christian Casciano (Assistant Coach, Nyack College)
  • Lyndsey Hokanson – (Head Coach, Colgate University)
  • Brad Hartin – (Assistant Coach, Towson University)
  • John Shaffer (Head Coach, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania),
  • Mary Kovarik (Head Coach, Hood College)

Boys College Coaches
Boys seminar will be moderated by MLS Next Academy Director Derek Biss.

  • Travis Beauchamp (Head Coach- Catholic University)
  • Matt Thompson (Head Coach- UDC)
  • Connor Klekota (Assistant Coach, Georgetown University)
  • Dan Louisignau (Assistant Coach-American University)
Premier Cup Advantages

College Recruitment Assets

A range of recruiting tools a player can use to their disposal during the
Bethesda Premier Cup

Next Pro Game Film

Get every game filmed during the tournament.

Single Complex

All games where college coaches recruit are at the same location.

Top Fields

Maryland Soccerplex is one of the nation’s top natural grass playing surfaces along with synthetic turf fields.

Captain U

All players and coaches get a free Captain U profile. Athletes will have immediate access to every college soccer program in the country and coaches can track their progress.

College Seminar

Learn from the coaches themselves and take advantage of a free opportunity to gain recruiting knowledge.